Russell Gardens Center Services
On-Site Container Design
Tree & Shrub Warranty
​Customers can bring in their container(s) to Russell Gardens Center and work with a knowledgeable staff associate on choosing the right plants or we can choose them for you. After the initial consultation, a date will be determined for you to come back and pick up your planters, usually within 72 hours of drop off. 

Cost: Plants, Materials & Labor (billed at 20% of the cost of plants & materials) 

​At Russell Gardens we love to be of service to our customers. 
Some of the services we provide include: 
For containers too large or heavy to bring into the store, customers may schedule an appointment with one of our staff members for an initial consultation at their home or office.  Once decisions are made, a planting appointment would be made where our staff would install the container design. 

Cost: Plants, Materials & Labor (billed at $60/hour) Initial consultation is $30/hour (min 1 hour) due at time of appointment and will be fully credited to installation if customer signs a design agreement. 

Trees & Shrubs that are planted by our customers receive our 30 day, half price warranty. If the plant dies within 1 month of purchase, bring it back to us and we'll give you 50% credit toward something new. 

Plant material installed by Russell Gardens Center receives our full year, one time, 100% replacement warranty. If an installed plant dies, please call the nursery to arrange for replacement. Replacement plant material is installed in a timely manner, in coordination with our existing installation schedule.

​If you are not certain if a plant is dead or not, please bring in a picture, branch, stem, or small section for us to check. PLEASE CONTAIN YOUR PLANT SAMPLE IN A SEALED PLASTIC BAG. (Some plant problems, such as crown gall, can infect other plants. Please help us keep our nursery stock healthy by bagging plant samples.) To keep your plant healthy, follow our watering instructions and plant care recommendations.

If you have any question concerning deliveries, pick-ups or prices, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our friendly customer service staff will help find the best solutions for you.
By phone at 215-322-2339 or email to
In-Store Container Design
Tree & Shrub Planting
Trees and shrubs purchased at Russell Gardens Center can be professionally planted at your home by one of our knowledgeable staff members. Planting soil and mulch are provided. Care instructions will be given and customer is covered for one year under our product warranty (see below).  Plantings are scheduled within 2 weeks of purchase date (Mon-Fri, excludes weekends) and are dependent upon favorable weather conditions. 

Cost: Equivalent to the price of the plant material (minimum charge $40 per plant). Multiple plant discounts. See store for details.  
​Re-potting services are available for houseplants and orchids. Customers may drop off plants for re-potting at any time and they will usually be ready for pick up within 48 hours.  Purchase any new plant and decorative pot and receive complementary re-potting at the time of purchase. 

Cost: Materials & Labor (billed at $1 per inch of diameter change for pots less than 8".  Pots 8" or more would be billed at $1 per inch of diameter of new pot. 
Delivery and pick up is available at anytime. Please call to schedule. 

Cost: Minimum local delivery and pickup is $25. Please contact a store representative for area rates.